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Professional Branding

I Follow: Chris Myers

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Carey the Torch caught up with Chris Myers, assistant professor in the management and organization discipline. His areas of expertise include individual learning, development, and innovation in organizations. Before coming...

Career Management

If You Want It, Just Ask!

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One of the simplest and yet most complicated principles of negotiation success is this: If you want something, you have to ask for it! It’s one of the simplest principles...

Industry Insights

Hollywood’s Gender Pay Gap

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Jennifer Lawrence has recently denounced the existing Gender Pay Gap between male and female actors in Hollywood. While more than 2,500 miles away, this is a topic that should be...


Dinner with 7 Carey Strangers

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On October 22, seven Carey strangers gathered in the Career Development Office for dinner, each bringing food or drink for their dining companions. They had all been randomly selected to...


$pend Your Time Wisely

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During winter and summer quarters (near the end of every school year) I am often approached by students who are concerned about grades and qualifying for graduation. Some admit to...


Storytelling as a Skill

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I am writing to you about something you might not otherwise consider an important career-building skill—storytelling. There are multiple types of storytelling. For example, if you ask my three sons...