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Consulting: A Primer

Whether you are a graduate or an undergraduate student, you have probably caught wind of the exciting and lucrative world of consulting. It’s a world where you are immersed in challenging and dynamic work solving organizations’ real world problems, you are exposed to executive-level decision makers, and, on top of all that, you are generously...


OMG! I Have a Case Interview!

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Okay, it happens. You hadn’t necessarily planned to pursue a career in the consulting industry. You thought the case interviewing method was only used by consulting companies. Or, yes, you decided...


The Power of Groups

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In a world full of screens, it can be easy to detach from others and work in an isolated environment. While one-on-one engagements seem socially more comfortable and perhaps less...


Staying Connected: Holiday Cards

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It is difficult to stay connected to former co-workers, bosses, mentors, and colleagues. You change jobs, move to a new city, have a baby, and before you know it, you...