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Farm-to-Business Venture, A Dynamic Experiential Learning Opportunity

On Saturday, November 3rd, I had the opportunity to be apart of the Farm-to-Business Venture & Consulting Project sponsored by Johns Hopkins Carey Business School’s Office of Experiential Learning in partnership with OutGrowth. The purpose of the project was a hands-on adventure where we learned about the business of farming and worked as consultants to solve some of Star...


Carey Business School in Norway

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On Tuesday, June 26th, I have to admit I was not in my Accounting and Financial Reporting class. I was not skipping class or on a business trip. On the...

Industry Insights

Carey Alumna Powers Social Good

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In 2017, I started my career adventure at GCL, a global new and clean energy enterprise in China, which brings me to the front edge of the next energy revolution:...