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4 Easy Steps to Rewire Your Brain

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We all have things in our head that we want to do for the first time. We want to start really getting healthy for the first time or commit to...

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Good Reads: Thinking, Fast and Slow

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Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel Prize winner in Economics and a psychologist, emphasizing human rationality and judgment. In Thinking, Fast and Slow, you’ll find answers to questions about your daily...


If I Can, So Can You

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Last September I went skydiving in the Warrenton Air Park. It was truly a life-challenging event for me. I have always been afraid of heights, but I have also always pursued challenges...


The Happiness Within

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Have you seen the happiness cartoon that is going viral on social media? Every time I open Facebook, Google+, Instagram, you name it, there it is: The first time I...


Are You Noble?

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I recently watched the documentary “Supermensch The Legend of Shep Gordon.” Before watching the film, I had no idea what mensch was or if it was even a flattering term....


How Will You Measure Your Life?

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Clayton M. Christensen, Professor at the Harvard Business School, and a world-renowned innovation expert, asked himself this question when he was diagnosed with cancer; the same cancer that had taken...

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The Beauty of Teamwork

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Rowing is a grueling sport. It involves massive core strength, technique, early morning training, blisters, coordination, no timeouts, and the ability to compete through severe pain. Some rowers have described...


$pend Your Time Wisely

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During winter and summer quarters (near the end of every school year) I am often approached by students who are concerned about grades and qualifying for graduation. Some admit to...


From Ethiopian Food to Self-Discovery

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Life is full of adventures. Being in a new city, meeting new people and trying new food can all be great experiences. A couple of weeks ago, newly arrived in...