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Dinner with 7 Carey Strangers

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On October 22, seven Carey strangers gathered in the Career Development Office for dinner, each bringing food or drink for their dining companions. They had all been randomly selected to...


We Are Toastmasters

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I first found out about Toastmasters through the list of U.S. Culture Challenge activities. Under the Communication Competency, it said: “Join a Toastmasters Group in your area.” A few questions...


The Way to the Top

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While preparing for a class on giving the perfect pitch, I read two books: The New Elevator Pitch by Chris Westfall and No Sweat Elevator Speech by Fred E. Miller. Both...


Join the LEAD Initiative

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The makeup of the global workforce is undergoing a seismic shift. Millennials, the people born after 1980, will account for nearly half the employees in our workforce by 2020 and represent...

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Passport to a Global Career

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Recently, the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and Passport Career partnered to provide Carey students with an international, country-specific, online system to support relocation, global job/internship/study abroad searches and career...


Coaching & Education’s Career Madness Preview

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We are excited to announce that we will host “Career Madness” Week from March 21st to March 28th! Your Career Development Team has put together an amazing set of events for...

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4 Benefits of Joining a Carey Club

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Be involved! Find and join student clubs and organizations through Carey’s dedicated club website—B-Involved—boasting 40+ student-led organizations.   Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is a magical place where I can...


Storytelling as a Skill

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I am writing to you about something you might not otherwise consider an important career-building skill—storytelling. There are multiple types of storytelling. For example, if you ask my three sons...

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Honoring the RSVP

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“80 percent of success is showing up.” Woody Allen Between classes, group projects, internships, club participation, workshops, and employer information sessions (whew!), it is easy to over-commit yourself as a...