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New Grads, the World Needs Your Energy

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Some of you are approaching graduation, and you may be wondering what you have to offer the workplace. As a career coach, that’s the most common question I’m asked. Now,...


What Do Interviewers Want?

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Have you ever thought: Only if I knew what the interviewer wants, I can easily ace this interview? Fortunately, an executive from Goldman Sachs summarized what he wants to see...


Storytelling as a Skill

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I am writing to you about something you might not otherwise consider an important career-building skill—storytelling. There are multiple types of storytelling. For example, if you ask my three sons...

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Informational Interviews

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If you have ever searched for an internship or job, you have likely heard about the importance of research and networking. One way to accomplish both tasks simultaneously is through...


OMG! I Have a Case Interview!

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Okay, it happens. You hadn’t necessarily planned to pursue a career in the consulting industry. You thought the case interviewing method was only used by consulting companies. Or, yes, you decided...