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Good Reads: Thinking, Fast and Slow

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Daniel Kahneman is a Nobel Prize winner in Economics and a psychologist, emphasizing human rationality and judgment. In Thinking, Fast and Slow, you’ll find answers to questions about your daily...

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Our Trip to Hollywood and Back

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Neville Longbottom is one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series, mostly because he is naïve and underrated. No one expected him to slay Nagini. Yet, when he...

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Buzz Words …Just Don’t

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“150 Business Jargon Fixes” will help writers new to the business world develop a voice that connects with and influences business readers. It lists 150 overused, ambiguous and outright meaningless...

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Hollywood’s Gender Pay Gap

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Jennifer Lawrence has recently denounced the existing Gender Pay Gap between male and female actors in Hollywood. While more than 2,500 miles away, this is a topic that should be...


3 Things I Learned at Web Summit

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I recently attended Web Summit—a mecca for all things tech—in Dublin, Ireland with my startup as a member of a select group of startups known as The Alpha Class. With...

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To Sell is Human

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According to Daniel Pink and his book To Sell is Human, everyone is in sales. Selling is not limited to car dealers, insurance salesmen, and pharmaceutical reps. Stop and think...