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Our Trip to Hollywood and Back

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Neville Longbottom is one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series, mostly because he is naïve and underrated. No one expected him to slay Nagini. Yet, when he...

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Buzz Words …Just Don’t

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“150 Business Jargon Fixes” will help writers new to the business world develop a voice that connects with and influences business readers. It lists 150 overused, ambiguous and outright meaningless...

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Kaling Confidence

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I have to tell you something before you read the rest of this blog post. I am biased. Very biased. At least when it comes to Mindy Kaling. I think...

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Keep on Keepin’ On

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Do you know who Clark Terry is? Most young business students don’t. And that’s a real shame. Clark Terry, known by friends as CT, was an American swing and bebop...

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The Beauty of Teamwork

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Rowing is a grueling sport. It involves massive core strength, technique, early morning training, blisters, coordination, no timeouts, and the ability to compete through severe pain. Some rowers have described...