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Puneet Ruparel

Puneet is a rising second year GMBA student and the Founder & President of Johns Hopkins Carey's Business of Entertainment Club (BoE). Recently, he won the prestigious "Johns Hopkins Brand Ambassador Award" for advancing and promoting the brand of the Johns Hopkins University & the Carey Business School in an outstanding way. Puneet has 10+ years of experience in Entertainment & Entrepreneurship. He has a diverse background in business and arts that gives him a unique understanding of how to come up with creative solutions for making strategic decisions. Post graduation, Puneet is looking to get into business strategic consulting or business development roles to hone his skills.

Career Management

Our Trip to Hollywood and Back

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Neville Longbottom is one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series, mostly because he is naïve and underrated. No one expected him to slay Nagini. Yet, when he...

Professional Branding

Why Carey

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With background in Arts and Philosophy, a concept I love most is serendipity. And serendipity is exactly how I would describe my stint at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. The first time I heard about...