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Michael Presley

Michael Presley brings more than 36 years of legal experience in the health care field, developing the legal design and corporate structure for the primary care practice networks of United MSO. As a licensed attorney and licensed health care risk manager in Florida, Presley developed this network structure in a way that can permissibly cross state lines without being restricted by the corporate practice of medicine rules. As both the Chief Risk Officer and Chief Administration Officer for United MSO, Presley oversees all ACO committee functions. Presley’s risk and administrative functions extend over the intake of primary care practices; negotiating operating agreements binding the ACOs with United MSO as a limited partnership; and reviewing the results of the acquisition analytics with a view towards risk scoring, stratification, and assimilation of each practice and corresponding ACO into United MSO’s network. As a member of law review and a graduate with honors from Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad College of Law, Presley has served the health care community since 1980. Presley is currently working on his MBA degree at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.