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John Lim

John Lim is a partner at Ba-Li Solutions ( and specializes in digital media, podcasting, and public speaking. He received his MBA from The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, his JD from Georgetown Law, and his BA from The University of Pennsylvania. John is the Executive Producer and Host of Moving Forward, a weekly podcast featuring today’s most inspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, and artists. John has been featured in articles for, Inc. and Carey the Torch, and has been a guest on Ryan Foland’s 'Get Notified' radio show, Podcasting Mastery, and the PersoNatalie Podcast. John is the co-author of "Corporate Cliches," an adult coloring book, available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.


Learning Beyond the Classroom

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One of the great things about being a podcaster is that I’m constantly learning. Since finishing my MBA at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School nearly three years ago and...

Job Search Strategy

Digital Brand to Dream Job

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“To get what you’re after, you need to think far beyond your résumé, because scoring your dream job lies in the art of identifying the gorilla.” Richie Norton We’ve all...