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James M Horris

James spent 5 years in the US Army Infantry, serving honorably in both Iraq and Afghanistan, where he was wounded in action. After his termination of service (2010), he attended Towson University where he graduated with a BS in Political Science. During his time in academia, James excelled and set himself apart by securing an international business internship with a major Australian wholesaler, where he operated across the continent, as well as in New Zealand and China. In his final semester, he also secured a publication in the peer-reviewed Towson Journal of International Affairs. Since his graduation, James has been a part of several start-ups, including a security consultation firm, a pharmaceutical company, and a Virginia based cyber-security firm. He is currently a 2nd-year MBA candidate at the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School.


Becoming a Leader at a Major Consulting Firm

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At the beginning of December, select Carey Business School students had the opportunity to attend an exciting networking and leadership luncheon. Those who attended came from diverse backgrounds, and their...