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Joel Igu, Stephen DeMars, and Grace Tsai

Joel Igu is a first year GMBA student at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Previously, he studied Medicine at the University of Nigeria where he was the Medical Scrabble Champion two years in a row. Upon graduation from medical school, he practiced Clinical Medicine and Surgery in multiple urban and rural locations across Nigeria, engaged in community health practice, partnership building and extensive training of health workers. Steve DeMars is an MBA student at Johns Hopkins focused on the intersection of healthcare and business. He studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado where he partnered with a cross-functional team of engineers and clinicians to develop, prototype, and patent a cell collection device to aid cancer research. After graduation, he spent four years working for Medtronic by assisting surgeons, physicians, and medical professionals on product guidance, recommendations, and troubleshooting for surgical instrumentation. He currently works with an angel investment group by providing due diligence analysis on upcoming technologies. Grace Tsai is a candidate of Global MBA at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Before coming to Carey, she received her Bachelor and Master of Music degrees from Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University. In addition to her collaborations with musicians and organizations across different countries, including Taiwan, Japan, France, and Germany, she is also the Operations Manager at Wowfood Café, a Taiwanese restaurant in downtown Baltimore. Grace likes to apply her aesthetics to everyday life. During her free time, she searches for a shot of nicely pulled espresso.