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Faith Whang
Faith Whang

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Breaking the silence on period health with Nannocare VP of Sales & Business Development, Victoria McHenry.

When I attended one of the country’s largest natural and organic products trade shows in September, one booth stood out to me despite an ocean of companies and new product offerings. With nausea setting in from my tenth sample of cauliflower pizza, I was unexpectedly refreshed to see a non-food product, especially one that is critically overlooked when discussing trends in innovation.

Nannocare, a Los Angeles-based company, developed a line of USDA-certified organic cotton pads that utilizes a proprietary blend of concentrated particles that emit far infrared energy.

I sat down with Nannocare VP of Sales and Business Development Victoria McHenry to discuss how Nannocare is breaking the silence on period health and changing how the world views feminine care through innovation.

  Q: Industries like retail have made billions of dollars by telling women what they “need”. But practically speaking, what women actually need are products that allow them to have a healthier, more manageable menstruation. Why do we as a society stay silent on periods when half of us experience them monthly?

Victoria: I think it is important to educate everyone, of all genders, races, and ages about what periods actually entail and normalize the conversation. Right now, we are at a turning point where women, men, children, transgender, and all those in-between want to understand and be understood.

The feminine care industry is trying to break out of its shell and let everyone know that getting periods should be celebrated and revered instead of hidden. We are doing this by providing products that make those who have periods comfortable during a time when it can be uncomfortable. We want them to keep living life and not let a few days a month hold them back.

Q: Speaking of a turning point, in recent years we have seen incredible innovations from tech companies who are finally addressing the needs of the female market. Why is it important to integrate innovation and technology with feminine care?

Victoria: It is imperative to keep a balanced budding relationship with innovation and technology in FemCare as it will give us insights as to how our body works and how we can better take care of ourselves and those around us. There have not been many innovations in this industry for far too long and we know we deserve more.

It was of the utmost importance that our pads make life complete during a time when we feel overcome by emotion, feeling and changes within our bodies. NannoPad wants women to feel empowered and ready to take on any task that may arise, even during their period.

Q: Empowering women to understand their bodies seems key, but most women probably opt for the cheapest and most accessible tampons or pads at the store without giving much thought to the product itself. Do women need to be more active consumers when it comes to their periods?

Victoria: I think in all we do, education and knowledge are our best defenses. Being an active consumer is also being an active advocate and sharing with others. While an all-natural pad or one with organic cotton may not always be accessible to everyone; we want to change that way of thinking and how it is achieved.

Q: In addition to educating and empowering the female consumer, Nannocare has also donated tens of thousands of NannoPads to homeless shelters and missions around its community of Los Angeles. Why is this important to Nannocare?

Victoria: We have seen first-hand the unfortunate circumstances that many women and young girls face. When in unfavorable situations and having to face a shelter or being displaced, personal care products, specifically pads, are one of the first things to fall by the wayside. We know pads are a necessity and do not want anyone to go without.

We hear of women using old rags or clothing or simply paper towels to hold them over and we want every person who experiences a period to feel confident and not to have to accept those conditions. We love to give back in our backyard and make an impact on those who are directly next to us as well as those who are afar and will continue to support local and national shelters and missions.

Q: Last question, as a woman in a business leadership position, what does Nannocare mean to you?

Victoria: To me, Nannocare means hope! Women and men have come up to me and told me that NannoPad has changed their life or the life of someone who is close to them. In my role, I have the power to make change happen through education, accessibility, and authenticity. It is within my power and I will make a positive impact in life every day.

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