Networking: Key to Success

Demir Yener
Demir Yener

Demir Yener, PhD, is a senior lecturer and financial economist recognized as an academic, policy formulator, and business strategist. He is also Academic Program Director for the MS in Finance program at Carey Business School. Yener joined Carey in 2013. He previously worked for the World Bank and USAID as senior project manager and advisor for economic development projects in emerging countries. He earned his PhD in Finance and Corporate Governance from Syracuse University.

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At Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, we want our graduates to be effective business leaders, and we prepare our students to have rewarding careers that add lasting value to society. Building a successful career takes hard work and dedication, and the most essential career advice I can offer students is to “build your network.”

It is important to build it right from the start. Networking is vital for creating connections with fellow students, with professors, and with professionals both in and outside your field of study. Networking will help build confidence and introduce you to new, incredible people who will shape your future. By developing and maintaining connections with peers and other professionals, you’ll build a foundation upon which your career will flourish. I encourage my students to connect with individuals in a field of interest that can provide beneficial insight, and gather information pertaining to careers in a particular sector.

We are fortunate at Carey Business School to have a dedicated Career Development Office that is ready to support our students before, during, and after their education. This highly qualified team of advisors provides students with access to job opportunities through various resources and activities—especially opportunities to network.

Many of my students have taken advantage of the services the Career Development Office has to offer. Nistha Pradhan, a 2019 MS in Finance graduate, said of her experience with the Career Development Office, “As an international student, I understood that the Career Development Office would be instrumental in my post-graduation success. I scheduled a one-on-one session as soon as I could. I knew if the coaches understood what I was looking for, they would have an easier time guiding me as well.”

Eventually, Nistha’s job searching led to an interview with Amazon. Her career coach put her in touch with a Johns Hopkins alum who worked at Amazon and helped Nistha prepare for a crucial interview. The prep worked, and Nistha received a job offer.

Carey Business School offers many opportunities for networking, but ultimately it’s up to you to take advantage of them.

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