3 Reasons Why You Should Be an Engaged Student

Alexandra Wibowo
Alexandra Wibowo

Alexandra Wibowo is a current MS in Information Systems student at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. She is highly involved in the Carey community, serving as the Graduate Assistant Student Volunteer Coordinator for Student Ventures, the Technology Network Intern for the Career Development Office and the Secretary of the Information Systems Organization. She is also interning with a FinTech company that focuses on data aggregation and analytics of crypto finance data. Alexandra obtained her BSBA degree from the University of Arizona, majoring in Management Information Systems and Accounting. She volunteers monthly in the DC community, having volunteered at the DC Central Kitchen, Central Union Mission and The Greater DC Diaper Bank.

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During Admitted Students Day, before starting my program at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, I heard about opportunities to participate in events and knew that I wanted to be an engaged student. I had been an engaged student during my undergraduate studies, volunteering as a mentor to junior classmates and serving as the president of a student club. I knew that I wanted to do more at Carey, and the school has offered many opportunities to do so. Here are three reasons you should become an engaged student, too.

  1. You’ll Get to Know People from Other Programs

Student organizations and Carey Business School offices like the Office of Experiential Learning – Student Ventures and the Career Development Office regularly organize events and activities that students are highly encouraged to attend. Participating in these events is not only a great way to learn more about diverse topics like salary negotiations, blockchain, and refining your LinkedIn profile and resume; it can also be a great way to meet schoolmates with common interests. I recently participated in the HBA Conference on Precision Medicine and volunteered with a wonderful BARM student, whom I would not have met if we hadn’t volunteered for the event together.

  1. You’ll Get More Value Out of Your Program

As a full-time student, your program is most likely one- or two-year long, and the time will pass by very quickly. Taking advantage of the events that are being held in Carey by Carey is a great way to get more value out of your program. Amazing professional development events are posted on Handshake. Volunteering opportunities and case competitions are posted on B-Involved regularly and participating in them can add value to your program and your growth as a professional. I volunteered for the Pfizer Case Competition last year and was able to network with healthcare professionals from Pfizer and meet students from other Carey programs. One of the people I worked with from HBA also became one of my teammates for the upcoming JHGCC 9th Healthcare Case Competition, which is a major bonus.

  1. You’ll Be Known by Your Peers

I’m sure your career advisors, professors, classmates, and friends have told you many times: network, network, network. Networking is key to finding and securing internship and job opportunities. However, don’t forget to network with your peers! In the future, they might be the ones you would be interviewing with for a job. Be sure to attend events that are posted on B-Involved and start conversations with the person sitting next to you. You never know, that person might just know someone who can get you to where you need. I recently pitched the FinTech startup I am working for during the Startup Fest and met a student working for FinTech4Good. FinTech4Good happens to be a company that we have been trying to establish contact with but haven’t been able to and the Startup Fest was a great chance to meet and talk with them.

I hope that my advice inspires you to go out there and be an engaged student. Don’t be disheartened that your program might be ending soon. There are still upcoming case competitions and volunteering opportunities that you can participate in. Check out B-Involved for these opportunities and make the most of your Carey program!

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