Takeaways from a Career Trek to NYC

Anumeha Arora
Anumeha Arora

A travel enthusiast and a dancer from India, Anumeha is currently pursuing her MS in Finance degree at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. She has an undergraduate degree in Business and Finance from University of Delhi, India. During her academic experiences, she was an active member of the respective Cultural Committees, organizing various cultural events on and off campus. During high school, Anumeha did theatre and participated regularly in all the Annual Plays hosted by her school. She was also associated with the Rotary Club of Delhi, India. Before joining Carey, Anumeha worked at Deloitte, India in their Global Employer Services division where she had multiple international clients and was assisting those expatriates with their taxation obligations in the country.

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On February 8th and 9th, the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School obliged eleven of us with the wonderful opportunity to get a first-hand, insider look into the professional lives of successful and passionate finance graduates who are now working at dream companies. The tip of the trip’s beauty was the fact that the visit was held in New York City, the city that starts singing to you its magnetic melody as soon as you step in and before you know it, you’re dreaming of never having to leave the place!

On this inspirational journey, we interacted with Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Morgan Stanley and Bloomberg. A good refresher between the company visits was the networking mixer organized at the Princeton Club where our amicable professors and alumni gave us a chance to participate in a discussion about current economic scenarios and what lies ahead.

While it would be almost impossible to explain in words the length and breadth of this enlightening experience and the motivational effect it had on all of us, there are certain quotes from some of the speakers that make for great advice, irrespective of your career field.

“Spread your bets.”

There is nothing wrong with dreaming about working for the dream companies, but it is only sensible to apply through all verticals of categories to increase your chances of having offers by the end. After all, something is better than nothing!

“Stay curious.”

You can never attain all knowledge under the sun, and there is always more that you can know than what you already know. The trick, to move towards that niche, is to stay curious and never pass any opportunity to learn something new.

“Write everything down.”

That may not sound very appealing to the Millennial generation, to whom securing data memory is more vital than creating human memories, but to your surprise, the habit could be a savior. It gives you a chance to recollect better and remember more.

“Smile more and brighter.”

Your smile is the ultimate, staunch representative of your enthusiasm. And it is your smile that can so gracefully convey your excitement, loyalty, and devotion towards your chosen field, almost instantly justifying your candidacy. Believe it or not, your interviewer always knows when you’re not smiling in your telephone interview!

“Use your connections, don’t abuse them.”

The importance of networking is no new information to anyone who has been actively seeking jobs and working hard to build connections. The overwhelming stress and competition brings inevitable and desperate attempts to get noticed and be heard. It is significant to keep your patience tied to yourself at all times and adapt a soft and subtle approach towards getting your point conveyed.

My most important takeaway from this trek is to keep my motivation up high and strong. For there is no bigger failure than losing your will to accept failures yet continue moving on. All the professionals who are now successful and enjoying their thrones were at some point, you. And you should never let any kind of hurdle stop you from believing that you will become them too.

It brings me immense pleasure to utilize Carey the Torch to share these takeaways and sincerely thank everyone involved in this initiative. As we approach our final destination, here’s wishing all the readers and students all the very best in their endeavors! And as each one of us climbs the ladder that is life, let’s promise to always lend a helping hand to the ones following us!

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