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Erika Rief
Erika Rief

Erika Rief is in the MBA/MA in Design Leadership graduate program at Carey Business School and the Maryland Institute College of Art. Prior to graduate school, Erika worked in management consulting at Deloitte within the healthcare, data visualization, M&A, and strategy spheres. She spent this past summer interning with athenahealth's Strategic Design team, promoting design thinking principles throughout the company. Moving forward, she hopes to use her business and human-centric design education to tackle healthcare and social enterprise issues in Baltimore.

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You don’t need to know everything; you just need to know enough to be dangerous.

Between coursework, extra-curricular programming, networking, and professional development, Carey keeps us busy. With so much on our plates, it’s hard to keep up with what is going on beyond our upcoming assignments, exams, and interviews. As someone interested in the cross-section of business, health care, design thinking, and analytics, I find it especially difficult to keep track of topics beyond my forte. Yet being able to talk the business talk beyond my professional niche is essential for facilitating networking chats and even helpful in sparking personal conversations. Luckily, I have my sidekick, The Morning Brew.

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How did the Morning Brew come about?
After receiving a full-time offer from his summer internship, Alex Lieberman spent his senior year helping his undergraduate classmates at University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business prepare for interviews in the finance world. He’d spend an hour each day summarizing the business news of the previous day and send it to a small group of friends. As more students discovered this magical resource, they asked to be added to the email chain. Witnessing the number of recipients grow, Austin Rief, my brother and a sophomore at the time, saw the need for a digestible business news source that business and non-business majors alike could comprehend.

Fast forward two and a half years.

"The Brew Crew"

Now, 150,000+ subscribers wake up with the Morning Brew in their inbox. The subscriber community includes students and professionals of every age and level of business literary. Based in NYC, the Morning Brew team of five is committed to bringing you the very best content.

Why the wide and growing array of subscribers?
After just five minutes, readers absorb trends in the stock market, stories across industries, upcoming economic events, business terms, people, and/or stats of the day, and my personal favorite, practice interview questions.

Let the Morning Brew be your sidekick.
It’s five minutes added to your morning routine that you won’t regret. Sign up on the website, and pass it along to your network.

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