My Journey to Carey

Yuvaksh Thukral
Yuvaksh Thukral

Yuvaksh is a first-year GMBA student at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. He brings close to 4 years of experience as an engineer in the IT industry. As part of his job, he worked with number of international clients to develop and maintain their IT products. His interests include reading books, watching sports and exploring new places. When he is not doing any of that, one can find him cooking in his kitchen!

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It was 10:00 PM. The clock was gazing at me as I was completing a critical client requirement and suddenly something struck me. I don’t know what it was, maybe late night caffeine, but my brain went into a super-thinking mode. All sorts of questions started to pop into my head: What am I doing here? Do I really like my job? What does the future hold for me? In that moment, the whole world stopped. After 5 minutes, I realized I need to complete the assignment by the end of the night. I completed my work, left by mid-night, and dropped an email to my manager that I won’t be in for the next two days.

I took off from work, slipped into my thinking pajamas (I know most people have hats but I have thinking pajamas!) and went into an introspection zone. For the next two days, I was inside my room just trying to answer the questions that left me bewildered that night at the office. What do I want? Do I see myself writing, reviewing, and correcting software code for the rest of my life?

I started reading my favorite book The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho. Whenever I am in any kind of delusion I read this book and blurry vision starts transforming into clear picture. I realized I want to give more meaning to my life. I am an engineer by qualification, but a philanthropist at heart. I like to solve puzzles, use logic to solve complex problems, yet I want to help people and bring sustainable growth in the world. So why not take a step towards that goal? It was a big decision, to quit my comfortable mundane life and take a step towards making a difference in the world.

To feed my curiosity, I started researching different professions, people, and technology. After putting forth effort over several sleepless nights, I decided to pursue higher education. While researching, I found about the Carey Global MBA program. When I read about Carey, talked to a few alumni and current students, I realized this is where I want to be. Carey was founded on the principle of keeping humanity in mind while teaching business, which perfectly aligns with my vision. For me, that meant meeting like-minded people who can understand my thoughts and work with me to make this world a better place. Despite being younger than other B-Schools, Carey’s curriculum has an edge over other B-schools with its flagship courses Innovation for Humanity (I4H) and Discovery to Market (D2M). After speaking with current students and alumni, I realized that Carey could be the platform I need to acquire the right skills to execute my idea of making a difference.

With D2M, one can work directly with innovators to bring their work into the market. Who knows, maybe the next Steve Jobs needs your help! I4H on the other hand will help me look beyond the profits and losses of business. I could do real-time consulting during the course itself, making me better at something I want to do even before I start working.

Soon after, I started the application process and with the help of Carey’s admission committee’s timely support, everything started falling into place. Here I am now, ready to embark on my GMBA journey at Carey.

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