How I Got 2 Internships

Yuxuan Tang
Yuxuan Tang

Yuxuan (Alice) Tang is an MSF candidate at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and serves as the president and co-founder of the Johns Hopkins Carey Fintech group. Right now she works part-time in Unimore LLC and MarketStraddle where she works as project intern and financial director. Prior to her time at Carey, Yuxuan has worked for five financial institutions, including investment banking and commercial banks such as State Street and China Everbright Bank.

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Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get.”

Forest Gump

Want to land a job in the US? Want to make your life interesting? Then my answer is: Be determined and work hard.

I now work for two companies as a financial analyst and a project intern. And as the president of Johns Hopkins Carey Financial Technology Club, I am proud that we won Student Organization of the Year for the Washington, DC campus. We held more than 20 events during the past 9 months and organized the first Carey Equity Research Competition using CFA Challenge as a template where 21 teams participated.

I thought I was the most normal student when I came to Carey. I had never been to the US before, I had earned my undergraduate degree from a non-elite university, and I had no full time work experiences. However, what made me a little bit special is that I said firmly to myself the first day I came to Carey: I want to work in the US after my graduation. I met with a bunch of supportive friends with the same goal and we worked hard to achieve just that.

I attended all kinds of networking events at the beginning—events held at the school, and those found on Meetup and Eventbrite. Life can be really busy for me, but fulfilling. I get to improve my English and know what actually happens in my industry of interest. I can be naive at first, but I am never ashamed and never give up. My logic is that the more I experience, the more I pick up, and the better I become. Instead of sending 20 emails per day, I can have a 5-hour business discussion with my employer.

Honesty speaking, I made lots of stupid mistakes along the way. I even mistook an alumnus for a student and chatted with him in too unprofessional a way on an important occasion. Luckily, I made great friends with whom I exchange valuable advice either on career development or daily life. As I put it, to succeed, you can never work on your own. You had better be with those like you and help each other grow.

To achieve the above is definitely not an easy task since I need to balance study, club events, work, and networking. Getting up at 4am to prepare for the quiz can become a routine. Packing up in 5 minutes for a business trip to NYC happens. It is hard. But keeping in mind that discipline and hard work help me achieve my goals makes me proud of myself. And I believe everyone can make the above happen. If you put in the work and take advantage of resources available to you. What are you waiting for?

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