JHU-PACA Announces New Leadership Appointment!

Jiaming Liu
Jiaming Liu

Jiaming Liu is a Master of Science in Finance candidate at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and serves as the Co-Founder and Co-President of the Johns Hopkins University Pan-Asian Career Association (JHU-PACA). Prior to his time at Carey, Jiaming has worked for MIT for three years and interned in several industries, such as venture capital, commodities, consulting, and commercial banking.

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Congratulations to Johns Hopkins University Pan-Asian Career Association‘s new elected Co-Presidents, Guanyi (Vince) Jin and Wangxiaoqi (Leslie) Sun! As the current leadership’s time at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is quickly coming to an end, we decided to hold the E-Board elections earlier than normal in order to capture the future success of JHU PACA and continuously contribute to the JHU community. Together, if destiny calls, and you see as PACA sees, a future of endless possibility will stretch before us; if you sense as PACA senses that the time is now to shake off our slumber, then we are ready to take up the cause and work with you for future success. I hope the new changes would usher in a new impetus for success of JHU-PACA.

Guanyi Jin headshot

Guanyi (Vince) Jin is currently a Master of Science in Marketing candidate at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Having studied in Macau SAR and visiting multiple locations worldwide, Vince is exposed to diverse cultures and this enables him to become a potential global leader. Vince is the co-founder and new co-president of Pan-Asian Career Association. He is devoted to developing the club and also looking forward to working with those dedicated minds within Johns Hopkins.

Wangxiaoqi Sun

Wangxiaoqi (Leslie) Sun is a quantitative analyst intern at Ryan Labs Asset Management Inc. With degrees in Mathematics and Accounting from College of William and Mary, Leslie is currently a first-year Financial Mathematics Master’s student at Johns Hopkins University. She is the new co-president of the JHU Pan-Asian Career Association (PACA) and the team leader of Algorithm Trading Club, and has won the Best Algorithm Design Award in a collegiate trading competition. She is experienced in data analysis and algorithm implementation and has a strong passion for quantitative finance and algorithm trading.

As the elected co-president of JHU-PACA and the founder of PACA@Homewood, Leslie dedicated herself to the development of the organization and witnessed its exponential growth. She cherishes the opportunity to work with some of the best minds on campus and looks forward to growing with PACA.

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to be the premier professional organization dedicated to promoting international communication between China and the United States in career development, enabling students, faculties, partners and the professional community to leverage the leadership and global business potential worldwide.

Major Events Highlights:

China Trek

As the first international employer trek in Carey history, the China Trek provided 15 students selected from over 60 highly qualified candidates with a business visit to eight Forbes 500 companies in China during the winter break.

Annual Conference

The Annual Conference consists of two days of keynote presentations and panel discussions. Topics include artificial intelligence, robotics, healthcare, material science, new energy, education, big data, FinTech, startup development, investment, business development, entrepreneurship, and other business-related topics.

Networking Cocktail Party

The Networking Cocktail Party aims to build a platform for Carey students to connect with Carey alumni who have been working in related industries for first-hand insights within the industry. Networking skills could be practiced and good opportunities of getting exposed to future colleagues are provided.

More to come soon!

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