How I Landed a Job in NYC

Shuhan Zhou
Shuhan Zhou

After graduating from the Carey Business School in August 2016 with an MS in Marketing degree, Shuhan (Zoey) Zhou started her full-time job as a public relation specialist in a Public Relation and Marketing agency located in NYC. Zoey was promoted to Account Manager in early 2017, and then was relocated to Beijing, China on August 2017 as Deputy Director of Marketing. She helps clients from America, Australia, Japan and Europe enter China market. Except traditional PR work, Zoey take advantage of her marketing academic background to support clients in marketing strategies and digital marketing.

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Exactly a year ago I decided to push myself to find a job in the United States before graduation. I started by developing a job search plan after consulting with Carey’s Career Development Office and talking with senior students. I was going to find a remote internship first and simultaneously apply for an onsite internship in New York City; then I was going to find a full-time job.

The rationale behind my job-hunting plan included two points: first, I needed work experience and a good resume before graduation; second, a remote internship was relatively easy to find and could give me more freedom to apply for an onsite one; lastly, New York City is amazing, close to Baltimore and has many more opportunities.

I began to search for job openings online, prepare materials, and attend all kinds of career fairs and forums on the eastern shore of the United States. During this process, my family and friends gave me so much support. And I really appreciate the guidance of my career coach from Carey’s Career Development Office and my tutor from Carey’s Writing Center. They helped, supported, and encouraged me a lot. I strongly encourage students to take full advantage of the services and support Carey Business School offers us.

In February, I secured a remote marketing internship. Next, I had a marketing internship offer, a business development internship offer, and a public relations internship offer before the end of my spring semester (all of them based in NYC!). I decided to go with the public relations internship.

The internship started at the end of May, and I worked 4 days in NYC and traveled back to Baltimore to take classes one day per week. After I graduated in August, I switched to a full-time public specialist position.

The job hunting process is painful. I am so grateful for all the support and help I received at Carey. Working life is totally different from school life. The transition period was also challenging, but my career coach encouraged and helped me a lot in the process. I thank her so much!

I look forward to sharing more about my experiences with you in the near future.

Happy New Year! Do you have a job hunting plan yet?

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