Student Speaks About Getting Into Carey

Priya Prakash
Priya Prakash

Priya is a current MS Health Care Management candidate at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, with knowledge of biotechnology and engineering, and is interested in working towards process improvement in hospitals. Her past experiences include a bachelor's degree in biotechnology, internships at pharmaceutical and medical diagnostic companies. She has been actively involved with organizations such as TED and IEEE, and causes pertaining to heath and education.

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Did someone say keep calm? How can that rightfully be expected of me, or anyone else for that matter, when I have been gifted with (just) one year to do all that I dreamed of doing on a silver platter.

This platter goes by the color blue, is a mecca for opportunities, and a melting pot where connections are forged for a lifetime. The Carey chapter has finally been switched on!

Carey On!
Hopkins and Carey happened to me like a dream, as it did for most others. It was placed on a pedestal, well above and – I assumed – beyond mortal reach. But here we are, the class of 2017/18, dapper and poised in appearance, and charged with fire in our bellies to make a difference in the world of business; to be a part of this illustrious legacy.

It is said that we must always owe our loyalties to our parents, nation and Alma mater. Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School will remain at the pinnacle of our accomplishments, and the birthplace of our future. No matter where we go, or what walk of life we pursue, the JHU tag and the Carey brand will undoubtedly be a central reason for any accomplishment to take place. One year from now, we will not only walk out of the Legg Mason building adorning graduation robes, but also possessing a profound feeling of pride and a sense of belonging. Essentially, once this phase officially begins, there never really is a termination to it – the people, the network, the place and the memories live on. Carey, as a school or a brand, will carry on.

We have been endowed with one year to shape our career at this prestigious institution, and only one year to indulge in everything – courses, student clubs, treks, interviews, networking events, cultural involvements and the likes. Only a few days into orientation week at Carey, and the air was already brimming with opportunities. As for me – I want to organize a conference, debate fiercely in classes, dance, gorge on a crab feast, visit the Smithsonian museums in Washington, DC, join the Student Government and also attend classes at the Bloomberg School of Public Health.

“Take each day as it comes,” advised my parents when I frantically called to let them know of my wish for a 48-hour day. For a Monica Geller like me, who believes in to-do lists and not being able to concentrate even if one check-box is not ticked off, I ironically decided to take their advice this one time.

I am ecstatic to meet new people every day. I look forward to building my own large and diverse network. I will have organized a conference within a year from now. I am going to capitalize on every opportunity that knocks on my door and truly carry on what I have imbibed from this dynamic establishment on to all my future encounters.

I am me, you, and the voice of all us Blue Jays. #WeAreCarey, and we promise to #CareyOn the legacy.

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