9 Carey Alumni Land at Highmark Health Solutions

Matthew Lynch
Matthew Lynch

Matthew (MS in Health Care Management '16) received his Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University with a degree in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry and a certificate in Molecular Biophysics. He has worked at a primary care practice in New Jersey, managing and identifying ACO quality gaps in Medicare patient information while working with supply chain. He also has work experience as an environmental and ergonomic safety consultant in healthcare facilities and residential homes. During his academic year at Carey he served as a management consultant for the University of Maryland Medical Center, a business consultant for a startup medical adherence company, and a graduate research assistant for the NIH. He is moving to Pittsburgh in August to start full time work as an Associate Consultant for Highmark Health Solutions.

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The Career Development Office (CDO) welcomed seven MS Health Care Management students, two Global MBA students, and their significant others to a meet-and-greet reception back in May. This, however, was no ordinary reception between administration and students. Two large television screens displayed images of a city filled with bridges, suits, and a tall building with a salient sign that read “HIGHMARK.” CDO brought us together to celebrate the start of our careers at Highmark Health Solutions (HMHS) this summer in Pittsburgh.

Highmark is the fourth largest Blue Cross Blue Shield-affiliated company, serving more than five million members. HMHS is a new subsidiary of Highmark that focuses on consulting health plans to achieve economies of scale, revenue growth opportunities, and low costs. The Carey community was first introduced to Highmark Health at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Career Fair on Friday, February 12.  I vividly remember walking through the large classroom on the second floor when Roger Williams, Associate Director of Employer Relations at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, approached me and asked if I had spoken with Highmark. When I told him “No,” he pointed me towards the Highmark representative and gave me a firm, right-handed handshake. I was immediately attracted to Highmark because it is forming teams of talented individuals and training them to be leaders of the growing organization. Highmark contacted me a week later to schedule an interview in Pittsburgh.

I am one of the seven people in my Health Care Management cohort to receive a job offer from Highmark Health Solutions. Working closely with the Data Analytics and Informatics department, my responsibilities as an Associate Consultant will include client-facing interactions, market analysis, and sensitivity analysis of product implementation and consumer integration. Some of my classmates will be Highmark Consultants in other departments such as Core Operations, Corporate Enterprise, and Health Policy Reform.

Following my passions for advancement in health and medical systems, I am eager to implement innovative solutions into health care environments with Highmark. My pursuit of a Master’s Degree at Carey, business consulting and startup ventures with classmates, and previous work experience in health care facilities have positioned me to successfully contribute to HMHS this upcoming August.

My decision to come to Carey and study Health Care Management is validated because the administration, faculty, and staff facilitate and celebrate students’ success. I look forward to maintaining strong relationships with my current classmates and future coworkers.

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