Health Care Trek to NYC

Gregory Petrossian
Gregory Petrossian

Gregory Petrossian is a full-time MS in Health Care Management Candidate at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and works as an Associate Consultant for Sage Growth Partners healthcare consulting firm. He received his B.S. in Microbiology and Bioresource Research, as well as a B.A. in International Studies from Oregon State University. He has worked closely with electronic medical record systems as a physician tutor and physician scribe. He has also held account management, research, and business development responsibilities working for a growing epigenetic health company.

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The Health Care Business Association Club organized an industry trek to New York, NY to meet with health care related organizations and consulting firms. The trek provided a look into a wide array of career opportunities available to those focused on the health care industry. The club planned for the trek to take place on January 22nd but was met with the most severe snow storm in Baltimore history the night before, recording 29.2 inches of snow.

The club rescheduled the trek to April 22nd to include NYU Langone Medical Center (NYULMC), Insight Strategy Advisors, and Polaris Management Consulting. Twelve students participated in the trek with various backgrounds including Global MBA, MBA/MPH, MS Health Care Management, and MS Finance.

After a 2-hour train ride, trekkers were in walking distance of NYULMC’s Human Resources Department. NYULMC scored number 1 for overall patient safety and quality for the 3rd consecutive year among leading academic medical centers. Earlier this year, NYULMC was also named to U.S. News & World Reports 2015-2016 “Best Hospitals Honor Roll” as one of the top hospitals in the country.

Our trekkers were greeted by NYULMC’s front desk staff and a large TV screen reading “Welcome Johns Hopkins Graduate Students!”

Their Talent Acquisition Team hosted us with a bountiful breakfast and NYU Langone-branded gifts upon arrival. They presented a brief history of the medical center and revealed their plans to finish a new acute care clinic, the Kimmel Pavilion, by 2018 necessitating about 1,500 new jobs. Johns Hopkins alumni spoke about their experiences working at NYULMC and transitioning to living in a bustling city like New York. Their presentation was followed by an excellent professional development session led by their Recruitment Specialist Christian Bliss to better prepare our students for resume writing and interview tips focused on job opportunities at NYULMC.

After wrapping up at NYULMC, trekkers traveled to Insight Strategy Advisors (ISA). ISA is a leading management and strategy consulting firm specializing in health care and life sciences. ISA touts its expertise in market access, pricing & contracting, commercialization, and data analytics for clients. The firm works with clients ranging from start-ups to 17 out of the 30 largest pharmaceutical corporations.

We were hosted by a Director and two Consultants who provided a delicious lunch buffet as we settled down for their information session. Their Director, Melissa Simon Ph.D., presented on the background of their firm, client focus, typical projects, and job opportunity landscape. This was followed by an extensive Q&A session where their panel discussed a multitude of points revolving around their consulting work. It was evident that the firm is passionate and knowledgeable in their scope of work. The highlight of our visit involved coming together to tackle a case interview problem created by ISA. The case was extremely insightful regarding the process and framework necessary to be successful during an interview. The panel gave their solution to the case as well as suggestions and tips to those looking to apply for a position.

After giving our farewells to ISA, trekkers were pitted against a 40-minute time frame to travel from Uptown New York to the Financial District at the tip of Manhattan. The subway experience was a true test of our wits and perseverance. Luckily, we were led by a New York veteran and made it to Polaris Management Consulting with 5 minutes to spare.

Polaris Management Partners, or Polaris for short, specializes exclusively in consulting and technology solutions for life sciences law compliance. Their niche focus has propelled the firm to become an industry leader on compliance. Polaris operates worldwide, speaking more than 25 languages collectively with offices in Amsterdam, Boston, New Brunswick, Paris, San Francisco, and of course New York.

As we walked into the Polaris offices panting from our subway excursion, we were met by their cool A/C and Global Talent Manager, Carolina Diaz. She ushered us into their conference room where Senior Vice President of Operations Steven Bloomstein was waiting to greet us. Steven, a Carey Business School graduate, was eager to present to our group about the firm and their vision for the future. We were then met with a panel of colleagues from each department of the firm: Technology, Law, and Management Consulting. Panel members included analysts, project managers, consultants, and even one of their firm partners. The room became one large discussion as everyone shared their background, interests, and experience in life sciences compliance. By the end of the information session, all of the trekkers felt invigorated to solve the challenges of global compliance demands.

To conclude our successful industry trek, we rallied together for an epic group picture in front of the 100 Broadway Building. Before we all parted ways, some of the group heading back to Baltimore and others remaining in the city, we were able to rejoice around the fact that many of us would soon be graduating and holding positions like the ones we learned about. Everyone was extremely thankful for participating and we all hope that next year’s Health Care Business Association Club Industry Trek will be just as great (if not, better)!

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