The Importance of Benevolence

Katy Montgomery

Katy currently serves as the Global Director of the Career Development Centre at INSEAD where she manages career services professionals across three campuses: Abu Dhabi, Fontainebleau, and Singapore. Katy previously served as the Associate Dean for Student Development at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

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NPR recently ran a story about six Roxbury Latin seniors. You can read or listen to this story here. My advice: whichever option you choose, plan to do it alone. The kindness of the high school students will bring tears to your eyes and you may want some privacy. They recently volunteered to serve as pallbearers for the funeral of a man who died alone and for whom no family could be located. Below is what one of them said about the experience.

I’m going to go to school and take another quiz…but all that work, you can get caught up in it. … When you kind of get out of that bubble that you can kind of stuck in, you get perspective on what’s really important in life.”

Brendan McInerney 

And, their kindness is not unique to Roxbury. The idea to serve in this capacity was modeled after a similar program at Saint Ignatius in Cleveland.

These young men had a desire to do good for others. That is the definition of benevolence. That is true kindness.

Kindness should go beyond such sensitive events as a funeral. Kindness should be evident not only in the home, but also in the workplace. Have you been kind today? Have you recently shown goodwill to your colleagues, classmates, or employees?

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