Carey Students “Energized” After Recent Trek

Qianyi Jiang
Qianyi Jiang

Qianyi (Amy) Jiang is currently completing her MBA (concentration in marketing) at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Prior to this, she spent two and a half years in the energy industry, with a focus on international investment market, and got the chance to work with consulting firms such as Wood McKenzie and Poten & Partners for LNG & Natural Gas consulting practice. She is excited about a continuous improvement internship at Daimler this summer in North Carolina but wants to eventually get in the energy field.

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Recently, the Young Professionals in Energy Club put together an amazing energy-related career trek to Houston, TX. The trek was fantastic and all of us who attended gained tremendously helpful experience and expanded our network!

Our club has been planning for a career trek like this since September last semester. Mahdi Hemingway, Steve Rice, Abdulaziz Zainymotwkel, Mohammed AL Saud, Christopher Young and others were all actively seeking connections in the energy sector. We finalized our agenda in late February to meet with NRG Energy, Citibank, and Shell. We also met with some successful Johns Hopkins alumni who work in energy— with functions such as energy trading, upstream IT technology, and energy consulting. While we were planning this trek, we received sufficient support from the Career Development Office. Corinne Brassfield was very helpful throughout the whole event planning process. Two Hopkins alumni, Bryan McMillan (Bus. ’00, ’02) and Karina A. Lipsman (Eng ’12), Managing Partners at M&L Global Consultancy, assisted us by reaching out to their Houston contacts, facilitating support from the Office of Alumni Relations and developing an agenda for our visit. With such great help from all and persistence in the club, we finally made our trip to Houston on March 21, 2016.

With a tight schedule, we began our company visits with a Smart Home tour at NRG Energy. We were exposed to all of the great technology that NRG is producing for the benefit of its customers. During the tour we also spoke with a representative of NRG’s human resources department, who explained to us the benefits of their MBA leadership-training program and expressed his interest in maintaining contact with us for possible future opportunities at NRG. Later that night on March 21, we had a dinner with alumni who work in energy. We had a deep discussion with them on how they got into their career path, their transitions, and their current work. We learned useful insight from their point of view.

In the morning on March 22, we visited Citibank and met with their energy investment banking team. They gave us a detailed information session about Citibank, their department, and the MBA Associate program. They are all experts in the field and are interested in maintaining the relationship with Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

We then visited Shell and met with the corporate security team. We had a smooth conversation with them about the business of keeping one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies safe around the globe. From this trip, I got the opportunity to talk to many professionals, which is a good opportunity for me personally because being an international student sometimes presents challenges in finding contacts in the industry of my choice. I appreciate this opportunity to learn about the energy field.

We really enjoyed our trek to Houston and we are happy that the first trek in our club went successfully. We are eager to learn more about this field and willing to help more Johns Hopkins Carey Business School students who are interested in this field expand their network in the future.

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