3 Tips to Maximize Your Career Treks

Mengyu Zhao
Mengyu Zhao

Mengyu (Rachel) Zhao is a Master of Science in Marketing Candidate at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, interested in innovative marketing viewpoints grounded in solid research, data, and strategic planning. Rachel believes that the success of a film greatly depends on effective advertising and promotion. As a life long movie goer and film buff she wants to create enthralling advertising and promotional campaigns for films. She has global experience in market research and finance experience in Citi Bank to support marketing insight.

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You’ve probably already heard about the recent career trek to LA. Now let me tell you what I learned as a participant.

LA Trek

The trek with friends from the Business of Entertainment Club (Facebook / B-Involved) was a pleasant and unbelievable experience. And it was so because I was prepared. Below are three tips on how you can enjoy a productive career trek from the perspective of a participant.

  1. Research all the companies, especially the ones you are extremely interested in. In LA, we visited famous studios, advertising agencies, talent agencies, and independent directors. Having information on the companies’ backgrounds gave me many great opportunities to ask informed questions as I met with executives.
  2. Prepare a distinct brief introduction to confidently share your brand. Everyone is unique and has her own advantage. Grab everyone’s attention with your introduction and gain more opportunities for further internship chances.
  3. Be polite and respectful to everyone. You are visiting their companies. Obeying to their company rules is compulsory. You are representative of the Carey Business School so please act courteously.

Thank you to students, faculty and staff who made this experience possible and we’ll definitely do more in the future.

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