If I Can, So Can You

Xuedi Ma
Xuedi Ma

Xuedi (Cindy) Ma is an MS in Finance Candidate at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. She has a BA in Statistics and Operations Research from the Hong Kong Baptist University, and has internship experience in China and Switzerland.

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Last September I went skydiving in the Warrenton Air Park. It was truly a life-challenging event for me. I have always been afraid of heights, but I have also always pursued challenges (Hey, that’s why I chose Carey!).

When I was presented with the idea of skydiving, I was not really sure if I could handle it. So I did a lot of research to see how I would feel through the whole process. Those fascinating aerial pictures and all of the thrilling videos about skydiving really encouraged me to be brave. I was sure I could do it.

On the day I was to skydive, I was calmer than I imagined. With the plane began climbing higher and higher, I got more and more excited. By the time they opened the plane gate, I suddenly realized how much I wanted to embrace the sky! To be honest, the moment I jumped out of the plane I freaked out a bit. Without doing the proper position, I was falling really fast, and having my heart sinking. But after my coach reminded me, I relaxed, stretched my body, and allowed myself to float. The feeling of free falling in the sky was awesome. It’s beyond words, and it was much better than I imagined from my research.

Until the moment I landed safely, I still couldn’t believe what a beautiful view I just saw up in the sky.

Skydiving taught me that challenging myself is all about stepping out of my comfort zone. If I never found the courage to do this “crazy” thing, then I would have never seen this beautiful world from a new angle. Besides, I also discovered and fostered a stronger confidence in myself. Now when I am facing some obstacles, I tell myself, “I have already jumped out of a plane, what else couldn’t I face?”

Every day is a brand new opportunity for me to reach a better self. I would embrace all the challenges in my life and see a more interesting world. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and do the same!

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