Alumni Profile: Shuyu Luo


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Earlier this week, Christy Murray, Director of Global Engagement for the Career Development Office at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, reflected on her most recent trip to China and shared insights into what characteristics companies use to identify global talent. Shuyu (Rose) Luo, a 2014 MS in Marketing alumna, is an example of such global talent.

Before studying at Carey, Shuyu worked for SIEMENS where she gained multi-faceted experience in branding and B2B marketing. After graduation, she worked at Oracle managing digital marketing consulting projects and implementing search engine optimization strategy. In 2015, Luo joined Apple, Inc as the Apple Store Leader Program Associate. Currently, Shuyu is living in Beijing and engaging in Apple’s retail business management and leadership development as an ASLP Associate.

Below are her thoughts on being a global leader and how Carey prepared her to be one.

What are the characteristics of a global business leader?

I think a global business leader should possess both intercultural communication and strategic thinking skills. Great global business leaders are the ones who can oversee future challenges and transform the best practices from one regional market to another. As Apple is expanding its market in the Asia-Pacific region, especially China, the biggest challenge of my work is to deliver the company’s core value in its daily business while maintaining the cultural diversity of the local market.

How did Carey prepare you for being a global business leader?

Extensive business cases study at Carey gave me a great vision in today’s emerging business world. From operation management to branding, from digital marketing to market research, Carey equipped me with exceptional strategic business thinking. In addition, the on-going presentations and group projects prepare me to be a business professional who operates with humanity in mind. Carey taught me that being a leader is not always about leading, but also about motivating your peers to become better versions of themselves.

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