A Unique Way to Hire People and Impact Communities

Rebecca Bonco

Rebecca is responsible for counseling students and alumni on job search strategies, networking, and career development and works out of our Washington D.C. location. Prior to joining the Carey Business School staff, Rebecca worked at the Boston Consulting Group in Bethesda, MD. She also brings international recruiting experience, as well as non-profit sector experience as she worked for the American Red Cross Headquarters, Ashoka, and interned at FINCA. Rebecca holds a B.S. in Social Work from George Mason University and a Masters in Clinical Community Counseling from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Education.

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We all, as humans, live our day to day lives seeing, thinking, feeling what’s within our immediate surroundings. From the time we are born until adulthood, our interactions in life shape the personalities we develop and relationships we build.

I call this my bubble.

I live in a privileged bubble. My bubble includes my suburban middle class family and neighbors, my highly ranked school district, and a 60% saturated community that holds Masters Degrees or higher. I work with students, faculty, and staff who are offering the finest, most expensive private education in the world. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great bubble. I even get to donate money and help “those in need” during special community projects.

What’s in your bubble?

My “world view” has been shaped by this privileged bubble. My bubble is not a reality for most. The majority of humans living on this planet are living in poverty. The drive to create better, safer lives for their families forces some to makes choices I won’t ever have to make, like seek refuge in wealthy foreign nations, join a force (gangs, terrorists, extreme doctrines) that gives a sense of power and belonging or struggle with basic survival in gaining food, water, and shelter. This reality can be overwhelming and cause us to retreat from the vast inequities of the world.

For business leaders, however, it takes only one decision to change someone’s life forever.

Check out Greyston Bakery’s innovative hiring practice that positively impacts the community and still drives profit:

As the new year commences, what unique ideas will you bring to your organization that positively impacts communities every day?

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