Carey Students, Taproot Consult Local Non-Profits

Thomasina Anane and Leah Sbriscia
Thomasina Anane and Leah Sbriscia

Thomasina (GMBA Candidate) graduated from the Johns Hopkins University in 2014 with a double major in Public Health and Sociology. She currently works at the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS); at Carey, she serves as the co-president for the Healthcare Business Association and as the VP of Finance for Net Impact. Leah Sbriscia is a second year GMBA Candidate and recently returned from a summer internship in South Africa where she acted as the business lead on an interdisciplinary student team conducting formative research to evaluate demand for an HIV mHealth platform. Prior to attending Carey, Leah worked in marketing and events for Florida’s official marketing corporation.

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On Saturday, October 24, Carey Net Impact, together with the Taproot Foundation and with support from the Career Development Office and the Vice Dean’s Office, hosted the Baltimore ScopeAthon. The event brought together six local nonprofits and equipped them with business expertise from Carey Business School students and Constellation employees. Students, corporate volunteer consultants, and nonprofit professionals worked together to identify the most pressing business challenges the nonprofits are experiencing and developed a strategic plan to address the challenges.

Energy filled the room as the parties scoped the challenges, brainstormed potential solutions, and finalized a work plan. Students and corporate participants were able to apply their business experience to a local organization and in return gained insight into the unique challenges faced by nonprofit organizations. The one day event was held in coordination with Pro Bono Week 2015.

The non-profits that participated included BMe Community Baltimore, Higher Achievement, Urban Alliance Baltimore, Literacy Lab, Peace by Piece, and Beat the Streets Baltimore. Leaders from all of these nonprofits came to the Baltimore ScopeAthon eager to share their stories and challenges and hear insights from the volunteer pro bono consultants in the room. Challenges for this group fell in the areas of strategic development and marketing and by the end of the ScopeAthon teams created or developed communication plans, strategic planning prep, social media strategy, as well as a business partnerships SWOT analysis.

At the end of the event, all the nonprofits were invited to post their newly scoped action plans onto Taproot+, an online marketplace for virtual pro bono. Using this platform, the organizations can find pro bono consultants to partner with in executing their scoped projects—a match has already been made with one of the nonprofits present!

Needless to say, the Baltimore ScopeAthon hosted by Taproot and Carey Net Impact was nothing short of amazing. We encouraged relationships built in the room to last beyond the event, and many of the volunteers and nonprofits were excited about continuing those relationships. According to Taproots evaluation, from our 26 skilled volunteers, we observed 91 hours of pro-bono work in total, which translates to about $13,654 of consulting value!

Baltimore Scopeathon Outcomes

Carey Net Impact would like to extend our gratitude to Taproot for partnering with us and the student/corporate volunteers and nonprofits who made the success of ScopeAthon possible. We definitely see the Baltimore ScopeAthon as an event that exemplifies the school’s mission of doing business with humanity in mind and we are so thrilled to be part of the pro bono consulting movement that is finding its way into Baltimore city.

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