Assistant Dean Hosted Thanksgiving in China with Carey Alumni

Oksana Carlson
Oksana Carlson

Dr. Oksana Carlson is Assistant Dean for Global Collaborations. She joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2009 to provide leadership for the Global MBA program. In the following years, she served in leadership roles to oversee Master of Science programs, Executive MBA, and Carey’s international initiatives. Since 2014, she has focused on Asia, with majority of her time spent in China. She oversees the strategic initiatives, collaboration with universities in Asia, expansion of Carey’s business network, and programmatic activities for prospective students.

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On Thanksgiving, my family and I hosted a group of Carey alumni and the event went wonderfully: all were excited about the opportunity to get together. I expressed our thanks for their engagement, from our leadership team and from the Dean, and gave them UnderArmour T-shirts with the Carey logo, which they absolutely loved.

We had turkey, pumpkin soup (my own recipe), stuffing, mushed potatoes, special corn dish, and other delicious items. We also had a big Chinese dish of fried rice, but people truly enjoyed the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

During lunch, we went around the table and each alum expressed what they are thankful for. Below is a selection of their responses:

Da Zhang (MSM 2014) is thankful for having an opportunity to work at Apple. He is attracted by the special culture at Apple, with their credo “enriching lives,” and he feels that Carey gave him “an inspiration to do good” and prepared him well for this culture. At Carey, he learned to think about values beyond making profits, and this different outlook on how to do business made him a great fit for Apple.

Betty Zhang (MSF 2015) is thankful for a good start of her career at AB Asset Management and for a “very good life at Carey.”

Hao Yu (GMBA 2012) is thankful for the 2 years at Carey, specifically the “friendships, professors, classmates, and knowledge.”

Ford Kong (MSF 2013) is thankful to all Carey faculty for sharing their knowledge, and sent a special thanks to Jimmy Liew.

Max Yang (GMBA 2013) is thankful for the I4H experience which is “unforgettable” and on a personal side, for his daughter who just turned one.

Lawrence Li (GMBA 2013) is thankful for the Carey experience which prepared him to be creative and brave enough to start his own business.

Everyone really misses Carey and Baltimore/DC!

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