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Archit Deole
Archit Deole

Archit Prasad Deole is pursuing his MS in Marketing degree at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. He is the Director of Operations of the Student Government Association in Baltimore as well as a Teaching Assistant for the course of Business Communication at Carey. He completed his undergrad at the University of Mumbai majoring in Management. He has also been awarded the Dean’s Scholarship at Carey and is the youngest person in the world to be trained and certified in BELBIN. His previous experiences include working as a Business Development Executive for Z-Bac Adventure Institute in India for over 18 months. He is currently living in Baltimore, MD and is seeking internship opportunities related to management and marketing for the summer of 2016.

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I’ve always been a dreamer and an adventurer. I set goals for myself, and throughout my life I have lived to ace my goals. Coming to Johns Hopkins Carey Business School helped me realize one of the most important dreams and adventures that I set for myself. I believe that the strength of any school is based on the ideas that are generated within the school. As Johns Hopkins is the very first research based University in the US, the choice of choosing my prospective school was a rather easy one. It was a no brainer.

After joining Carey, I was presented with a plethora of opportunities and events through a number of online platforms like B-involved. Being active on these platforms was a must to be aware of what’s happening  on campus. Events that involved leadership, adventure, networking and something new always caught my eye.

I first came across the Fall Leadership Trek through Carey Compass, which is the Career Development Office’s platform for communicating all its events. Not surprisingly, the trek had reached maximum capacity within two days of the trek being posted on the portal. I thought I had missed my boat and the opportunity was gone. Through a little bit of luck and Michael Doyle’s efforts, I was able to secure a spot for what would be an incredible experience.

There I was, all packed and ready three days before the actual trek, the excitement practically radiating out. The three days went by in a blur and it was finally the day we started the adventure. One of the principles that I live by is “When you expect nothing, you enjoy everything”. My only thought before leaving was that I needed to forsake the comforts of sleeping in a warm apartment, eating home-cooked food and most importantly–the internet–and still be happy! Now that is quite a challenge. You could deal with a lot of situations, but can you really be happy dealing with those tough situations? This was a question which I wanted to be answered through the fall leadership trek.

Our team was very diverse, competent and responsible. I was fortunate to be a part of a team with no slackers, no disputes and high goal orientation. Our team had two people who had served in some sort of armed forces and these were the shapers of our team. We also had some individuals affluent in the leadership aspects in the form of the president and the vice-president of the Student Government of Carey. When the dynamic of the team is good, you learn more things than you expected to. Leadership and team bonding are best learned without the comforts and luxuries. All good leaders can lead a team to success when the environment is favorable. The real mettle of truly remarkable leaders is tested when the sea gets rocky. This Leadership trek provided us with rocky waters to test our true leadership potential.

The Fall Leadership Trek was a revelation. All students who wish to become successful leaders should make use of opportunities like these to sharpen their skills. Lastly I would like to thank the Career Development Office at Carey and specifically Michael Doyle and Krasi Shapkarova for coordinating this whole event and making it a tremendous success.

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