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Andrew Hinton
Andrew Hinton

Andrew P. Hinton is a dual Master's Degree Candidate for Business Administration at the Carey Business School and Design Leadership at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Andrew's story is based in the Mid-Atlantic, but includes travel through Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Harmonious with the Carey Business School's core philosophy of Business with Humanity in Mind, Andrew designs innovative solutions that address social challenges and support business opportunities.

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Global professionals join a prestigious Johns Hopkins community when they begin a graduate program at Carey Business School. Through world-class training, they learn to understand human needs when marketing products and services. They form networks with diverse individuals across sectors. They give back to both local and global communities. They take on the world in meaningful ways. Above all, at the Carey Business School, everyone knows business happens best with humanity in mind.

Part of the Carey Business School’s success in accomplishing its core mission to serve humanity through business can be attributed to its dynamic international program offerings. The most elite b-schools in the U.S.—Wharton, Booth, Kellogg, HBS, Stanford and Carey—develop programs that facilitate business professionals to travel throughout the world solving problems for people in need. These b-schools produce the planet’s most achieved careerists. The GMBA program is prime example. International expeditions and immersion programs to Belize and Italy are worth investigating for the leadership development focus. Carey Business School’s partner, ThinkImpact, provides yet another offering.

ThinkImpact is a company that partners with elite universities to provide a unique international business development experience. Building on the core philosophy of IDEO, a design consulting firm, ThinkImpact emphasizes human-centered design and asset-based community development. Specifically, the program is ran in 3 stages. First is market and design research. This includes field studies and participatory information gathering to discover the nature of consumer needs. Second is ideation, which involves identifying and partnering with entrepreneurial minded community members to create a novel business idea. The third stage is innovation, or the creation of new products and services through an iterative design process. The outcome of the experience is profound, where Master’s Degree candidates have real world experience leading innovation in a global marketplace. It is not just design and it is not just entrepreneurship. It’s an epic marriage of the two.

Carey Innovation Leaders in Panama this upcoming January is the next chance to join fellow Master’s Degree candidate for a fast-paced adventure in Latin America. Major companies are buying into this type of training. And job seekers with international working experience on their resumes look better in comparison to those without. Do not miss out on this opportunity!

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