Alumni Profile: Scott Straub (MSF)

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Caitlin works with students and alumni in Washington DC as a transformational Career Coach. She provides guidance around self-exploration, job search strategy, and networking through individualized coaching and professional development courses.

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Scott is the Market Planner for Federal Markets at LexisNexis Special Services Inc. and is responsible for developing identity based solutions for governments in their fraud prevention and collections processes. Scott has invented several identity based products using LexisNexis’s vast public record database and holds patents in these products designed to assist governments in preventing fraud, reducing improper payments and collecting delinquent receivables.

Scott has been a frequent speaker on a variety of topics since joining LexisNexis in 2011, including testifying on government debt collection best practices to the Legislature in the state of Louisiana, and participated on a panel discussion regarding government efficiencies at the Democratic Governors Association.

Prior to joining LexisNexis, Scott was employed at the Financial Management Service (FMS), a bureau of the US Treasury, where he drafted strategic plans for multiple business units; implemented best practices in the collection processes of delinquent debt owed to the federal government by creating an analytics division to streamline collections strategies through combining internal and external data; and was a project manager on an internal control review project, whose outcomes were designed to prevent fraud against the government.  Also, while at FMS he coauthored a feasibility study to repurpose a payment center to a debt collection center and worked with the Office of Management and Budget to pass several initiatives through Congress to maximize efficiencies in the debt collection process.  

Scott holds a Masters in Finance and a Graduate Certificate in Investments from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.

What advice would you give new graduates?
Be open to new opportunities and think before you say “No” to any opportunity. A friend of mine who leads a $3.5 billion enterprise once told me that if you say “yes” to an opportunity, you can always say “no” later. But if you say no, then you can never say yes and you may get passed over for future opportunities.

What’s one thing students do while in school to prepare for a job?
Students learn how to collaborate with a variety of personalities and listen to different viewpoints in a lower stress, lower risk environment. These skills translate well to the business world, while allowing the students to remain calm, cool and collected under pressure.

What is your favorite thing about your current job?
In my current role, I work in a culture of Innovation supported by my direct executive team. In the fast-paced technology and big data industry, fast followers and imitators are quick to appear with a “me too” business model. We strive to be first to market and to continuously improve the solutions quickly to leave a large gap between our capabilities and those of our competitors. This is only accomplished through a supportive executive culture of constant innovation. Currently, we are working on developing solutions to assist federal government agencies to reduce the impacts of identity theft and identity related frauds that are being experienced throughout government on a regular basis.

What is the most influential experience you had at Carey?
Working through a business case course where I was assigned to a small team of four people and every week we needed to complete an assignment, then present our conclusions to the class. This team consisted of people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, which meant we all self-selected roles to be either leader or follower depending on whose skills were the strongest or weakest for the task at hand. This prepared me well for the business world because I learned that it is often more important to know when to follow, than when to lead and you can still lead, while following.

What three words would you use to define your time at Carey?
Exciting, Memorable, Rewarding

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