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Yuval Bar-Or

Yuval Bar-Or, PhD (University of Pennsylvania) is an Assistant Professor on the practice track at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School from 2014. He has lectured extensively on the subjects of decision making, risk management, and financial literacy and held senior roles at KMV and Algorithmics.

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During winter and summer quarters (near the end of every school year) I am often approached by students who are concerned about grades and qualifying for graduation. Some admit to having spent the early months of their program traveling or partying, which led to low grades. As a result, they experience stress in subsequent quarters, as they struggle to catch up and raise GPAs to meet graduation requirements.

Having fun is not a bad thing, but it is important to strive for balance. Not every weekend can be spent partying or shopping. Some time should be spent on school work and some on building the many skills needed to obtain a good job. Yes, it is tempting to go shopping in New York or spend time on a Florida beach, but these are activities you can engage in for the rest of your lives. You can always be a tourist and shopper, but being a successful student requires a deep and focused commitment.

Instead, I recommend that you view certain activities as rewards that must be earned. Shopping trips can be a reward for doing well on a school project, and a trip to Florida or California a celebration of doing well on your exams.

There is an even more effective choice: Seek balanced experiences that yield a mixture of educational, professional, cultural, and entertainment benefits. One such example is the Israel Entrepreneurship Immersion Program which we have planned for the upcoming winter intersession (January 2016). This program includes two weeks of focused study, corporate visits, networking and tourism in one of the most fascinating and impactful regions of the world.

Why Study in Israel?

Israel is known as the “Startup Nation.” According to TechNode, Israel ranks number 1 globally in startups per capita, equivalent to about 1 startup per 1,800 residents. It ranks 2nd in absolute number of startups after the USA. It is the world’s leader in Venture Capital investment, in number of medical patents, and in R&D spending per capita. Technology products invented in Israel include: USB flash drives, the ICQ instant messaging system, Drip irrigation, Firewall technology, the digestible pill video camera (PillCam), Voice-over-IP, Community-based navigation (Waze), etc. Global companies with R&D centers in Israel include: IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Google, SanDisk, Facebook, and many others. A country with tremendous historical, religious, and archaeological significance, Israel also offers sand beaches, warm weather, and bustling commerce. These combine to yield a rich experience for the business person and tourist alike.

Israel’s The Marker, a weekly business publication, recently discussed the growing presence of Chinese business people in Israel, pointing out that they are attracted to the country’s appealing business climate and welcoming atmosphere.

So use your time wisely this year!
If you are interested in joining us in Israel, please contact me directly at ybaror1@jhu.edu.

Have a wonderful year. I look forward to seeing you in class!
Professor Yuval Bar-Or, Ph.D.

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