From Ethiopian Food to Self-Discovery

Xuedi Ma
Xuedi Ma

Xuedi (Cindy) Ma is an MS in Finance Candidate at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. She has a BA in Statistics and Operations Research from the Hong Kong Baptist University, and has internship experience in China and Switzerland.

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Life is full of adventures. Being in a new city, meeting new people and trying new food can all be great experiences. A couple of weeks ago, newly arrived in Washington, DC, I tried an Ethiopian restaurant named Dukem on U Street. It was an adventure for me since that was my first time eating Ethiopian food.

At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. What I thought was how different it could be from the food in my country. But after I gave it a try, I immediately loved it. To be honest, it was different from the food in my country, but I can still love it.

By trying this new food, I realized how important it is to try new things because it expands my horizons and changes my way of thinking. Not only did I taste a new kind of food, but also, after this experience, I no longer compare new things with my old ways too much. Every new thing can be amazing. If we step out of our comfort zone and dig into new things, life can be full of beautiful surprises.

This year at Carey, I am going to try more new things, join student clubs and meet more people. Also, I would like to find an internship where I can apply my knowledge. Without a doubt, I will seize opportunities and embrace beautiful surprises so that I can continue to learn and grow.

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