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Lucia Kolaja Bordean
Lucia Kolaja Bordean

Lucia’s current responsibilities at Passport Career include global account management and content development coordination. She developed Passport Career’s country and city profiles for numerous countries worldwide and large metropolitan areas in the USA. Prior to Passport Career, Lucia worked for Dell as well as Accenture in Bratislava, Slovakia. She also worked for the U.S. Peace Corps in Slovakia and the Kyrgyz Republic. She is an international business graduate from the Economic University in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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Recently, the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and Passport Career partnered to provide Carey students with an international, country-specific, online system to support relocation, global job/internship/study abroad searches and career development as well as alternative opportunities search.

The Carey Business School Passport Career System will help you explore opportunities around the world. You may be seeking a job, an internship, or simply opportunities to explore other countries. For all of these and other global career interests, the Carey Business School Passport Career System provides extensive resources, guidance, strategies, and tools to help you make a career move to 81 countries and over 50 cities in the US!

The Carey Business School Passport Career System also offers Strategic Global Career Training Webinars on global career-related topics every week. If you’re new to Passport Career, the introductory webinar—How to Use Passport Career Strategically—is offered monthly. Other webinars include How to Write an International Resume/CV, Career Strategies for the UN and Other Intergovernmental Agencies, H1b Employment (for international students), Global LinkedIn Strategies, and many more!

Additionally, in the Carey Business School Passport Career System you will find:

  •  Global Topics section: a virtual career center where you can review the guidance and strategies relevant to your interests.
  •  Detailed country and city portfolios (including USA cities).
  • 15,000+ pages of relocation as well as career search and development content.

The Carey Business School Passport Career System provides access to an International Jobs/Internships Portal, which is updated daily with millions of jobs and internships in 203 countries, including the U.S. You will also find quick access to the H1B Employer Database for non-Americans seeking jobs in the USA.

The Get Connected! social network allows you to connect with others around the world. It is an online global career network that enables students to connect with other Passport Career members around the globe. It has a unique ability to search by career field, current location, or previous locations.

Every registered member receives the monthly Passport Career e-newsletter. It is packed with great tips, strategies, and updates. It is sent to an e-mail entered when registering for Passport Career.

For additional tips and strategies, we invite you to:

For more information on how to register into the system, contact the Career Development Office and ask for the “Getting Started with the Passport Career System!” handout. Join the Carey Business School Passport Career community and start exploring!

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