Be Brave and Listen


Krasi is Carey the Torch's Editor-in-Chief and also represents the Career Development Office in Washington, D.C., working with students on career exploration and development. Krasi holds a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from the University of Houston-Clear Lake and a Master of Arts in International Human Rights from the University of Denver.

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Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

Winston Churchill

Courage has been viewed as the quality of those who despite fear, stand up for the rights of others and fight against injustices. Heroes and heroines traditionally exhibit the physical and mental prowess to overcome gargantuan tangible and intangible challenges. It takes just as much bravery, however, to stand down, listen, and reflect. Open yourself up to a roomful of knowledge and understanding. Listen to the perspectives and opinions of others but listen also to your inner voice that tells you what makes you excited and alive; that encourages you to learn and grow. Self-discovery is a scary process and only the most courageous know when it’s time to shut up, listen, and become aware.

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