The Carey Graduate Effect

Mike Doyle

Prior to joining the Career Development team, Mike was a program director and instructor at the University of Maryland, College Park; teaching curriculum that focused on leadership, organizational/team dynamics and social skill development. He has led adventure-based leadership and cultural immersion courses in Norway, Fiji and Jordan. Mike is also a senior corporate trainer and has worked with companies such as Legg Mason, Wells Fargo, Johnson & Johnson and IBM. He is committed to helping students and professionals learn how to maximize individual strengths and collectively work together as a high performing team. Mike holds a Master’s of Education Degree in Counseling and Personnel Services from the University of Maryland, College Park and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education.

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It’s May and that means one thing—graduation ceremonies are upon us! Congratulations to all the Carey graduates who are moving on and venturing into the business world… hopefully with humanity in mind. We see and hear our school motto a lot, but are we actually living it? As a Carey alum, you have a tremendous opportunity to positively influence your company or organization through not only your newly acquired knowledge and skills, but your strengthened values and character as well. Your influence even goes beyond your new work environment. How will you leverage your Carey experience to positively affect your family, friends, community and global network?

This past January, 12 Carey students endured an epic ten days of camping and kayaking between the wild islands of Belize. They pushed themselves physically, mentally and emotionally to really learn who they are in times of challenge and adversity, what they can do with limited information and resources, and how they can lead others in ever-changing environments. In a sense, the trip was a microcosm of their entire Carey experience. On the last night of the expedition, all team members gathered on the beach and stood around a pile of coconuts. Each student was asked to reflect on how their Belize experience changed them. After a few moments in thought, they were asked to reflect on how their Belize experience will positively affect their friends, family, classmates, and coworkers.

The Carey Graduate Effect 2

How will this experience change you in a way that will have a positive ripple effect on others?

One by one, each student picked up a coconut and shared who in their lives will feel the positive results of their learning experience in Belize as they launched the coconuts into the ocean. We heard a splash into the evening’s calm water and then watched as the impact sent a ripple of waves in all directions. We cheered and supported each dedication, hoping that by sharing their story, each student would feel an obligation to make this Belize experience about more than just themselves.

So, as you spend your final days at Carey, I encourage you to take a minute and reflect on how your Carey experience will continue to ripple through your life.

  • Will you apply your business wizardry to projects and make investments in socially responsible companies?
  • Will the high-performance teams you manage one day receive the benefit of your unique education?
  • Will your commitment to ethical business practices positively impact your organization?

The Career Development Team hopes you make a resounding splash and that the “business with humanity in mind” ripple spreads along with you.

Best of luck with all your future endeavors!

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