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John Lim

John Lim is a partner at Ba-Li Solutions ( and specializes in digital media, podcasting, and public speaking. He received his MBA from The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, his JD from Georgetown Law, and his BA from The University of Pennsylvania. John is the Executive Producer and Host of Moving Forward, a weekly podcast featuring today’s most inspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, and artists. John has been featured in articles for, Inc. and Carey the Torch, and has been a guest on Ryan Foland’s 'Get Notified' radio show, Podcasting Mastery, and the PersoNatalie Podcast. John is the co-author of "Corporate Cliches," an adult coloring book, available for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online.

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As I mentioned in my post last week, PDF resumes are no longer going to land you a dream job. Instead, I recommend 6 digital tools to help you enhance your digital brand, and today I will focus on 2 of the 6: Websites and YouTube.

Digital Tool 1: Websites

It’s almost a forgone conclusion that every business has a website. What’s surprising is how few individuals have a website to promote their own brand. Consider the power and authority of having that .com moniker on your business cards and resume. You’re probably thinking, “But I have no html experience and no budget to create a website!” And it’s true. When websites first came out, you either had to know programming or spend tens of thousands of dollars to create a branded website. However, the landscape has changed and now you can set up, launch and even host a beautiful, branded website for free or at a very low cost.

If you’re looking for a great website creator, I highly recommend Wix. It’s free to set up an account, and skill-wise, if you can create a PowerPoint, you can use Wix. Wix takes the pain out of website creation with a graphical, plug-and-play interface. Plus, Wix has hundreds of beautiful templates, including specialty ones for professional resumes, to give your website that professional polish. As an example, take a look at Vue Avant Consulting’s website. Wix will even let you take your website live for free and host it on one of their URLs or you can spend as little as $5 a month to host it on a personalized domain. Having a website will not only bolster your web presence, it will provide an air of professional credibility and authority that you just won’t get with a pdf. Once your webpage is up, you will then be utilizing the power of Google and every other search engine for your brand.

Digital Tool 2: YouTube Channel

The best way to make an indelible impression on a potential employer or network contact is through your face, body language and voice. That interpersonal connection is the intangible factor that can mean the difference between winning and losing a job prospect. To make an interpersonal connection before getting that first interview, you could use video. Video allows you to create a first impression and facilitate an intimate connection, even when the other person hasn’t met you yet.

Creating a YouTube Channel allows you to tap into the power of video and one of the biggest search engines out there. Now you may be wondering how to create a video and what the video should be about. The how is the easy part. Nearly every smartphone has an HD camera that can record crisp, high quality videos. If you have a smartphone (iPhone or Android), you have the tools you need. As for the what, think about what companies do when they create commercials. They explain the what-why-“what’s in it for you” of their products and services. As a MBA or MS candidate, you have many different ways you can use video.

One idea is to create a short clip with your elevator pitch, that thing you’ve heard emphasized many times by the Career Development Office. Take that elevator pitch from the conceptual and make it actual. Explain who you are, what your background is and what you’re looking to do. Another way you can use video is to showcase skills and expertise. Ask a professor for permission to film a presentation you conduct and provide context to your abilities as a job candidate. Video is a powerful medium that will highlight strengths and create a personal impression that your resume can’t. Right now you are reading this blog post, which gives you one impression of John Lim. Now take a look at this video I recently created, explaining how you can subscribe to my weekly podcast, Moving Forward. You learn from my written words, but you connect with my face, voice and tone. The cost of setting up a YouTube Channel? Free. I should also mention you can directly integrate YouTube videos into your Wix website.

The above are just 2 tools to help you move to the next level in terms of your brand. In Part III of the series, I focus on how to use eBooks and Facebook to boost your brand and career.

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