Professional Branding

Developing your personal brand 

Building your personal brand is important as you craft a vision of who you and communicate your story to others. When others hear your name, what do they remember? What words come to mind when they see your face? What do they feel when they are with you? 

In this section of the navigator, we’ll review how you can: 

  1. Identify your core skills and experiences that make up your value proposition. 
  2. Develop a brand story and promise to a targeted audience. 
  3. Communicate your brand through visual, and non-verbal communication. 

Sharing your skills and experience with an audience should be engaging and in the form of a story. Consider asking yourself "what makes me stand out," "what makes me unique," and "how can I add value to an organization?"  

Choose personal skills and hard skills from the self-exploration piece of the navigator and identify an experience that highlights that skill. 

Use these skills and experiences to write a short paragraph of what you have to offer. Review the resources below to gain additional insight in developing your story. 

Featured resource: How to Best Position Yourself to Succeed in the Future by Dr. Gautam Gulati 

Communicating your personal brand 

Communicating your brand story is important in person and online. Remember that the way you look, your attitude, and your communication style are all a part of your message. 

  • LinkedIn: Your LinkedIn profile should be up-to-date and display a professional photo. Be sure to use your value proposition statement to help you develop your LinkedIn Summary section. 
  • Google: Google your name to see what comes up and take the steps necessary to remove anything that does not communicate your brand professionally. 
  • Carey The Torch: The official blog of the Career Development Office. Represents a platform where Carey students, alumni, staff, and faculty can showcase their writing skills and share stories and insights. We encourage you to consider contributing to as another resource to build your brand online and have prepared this Blog Post Guide to aid you in the process. 

First impressions 

Everything counts when you walk through the door. Studies show that within the first few seconds people form an opinion about a person based on what they are wearing, their body language, and overall appearance.  

Review these resources to learn more about professional attire and confident body language: 

Featured resources: The 7 Things Interviewers Notice First by Jada A. Graves with U.S. News & World Report