Job search strategy

Job search strategy  

Creating a Job Search Strategy is a process that includes identifying your target industry through research and exploration, developing a targeted resume and cover letter, and refining your professional brand. Once these elements are put together, you can incorporate your goals and implement a timeline to help keep you on track. 

 Reviewing the 8 steps in the Career Navigator and our Guidebook can help you develop a comprehensive job search strategy. Our career coaches are available for meetings to help you visualize, create, and implement your customized search. 


Download the Career Navigator Guidebook to keep track of your progress within your job search and career development process. 

Planning your job search strategy 

Stay ahead of the game by being active in your job search. Participate in all that the Career Development Office has to offer. 

70/30 Strategy 

70% of jobs are found via networking; therefore, 70% of your job searching energy should be focused on expanding your network and 30% should be spent on “blind applications.” 

Target 10 companies 

Target a list of 10 companies you would like to work for, research them diligently, and find networking connections through LinkedIn, alumni, friends, faculty, etc. 

Job application tracking sheet 

Start an Excel file (here's a sample) to keep track of your applications, websites, passwords, and networking contacts. 

During the job search 

The resources below provide key recruiting timelines for some of the major industries, students, and alumni targets. We highly recommend reviewing the Industry Insights section to get in-depth information regarding specific industries, job functions, and numerous links to websites for job boards and networking opportunities. 


  • Download the Application Tracking Sheet to keep track of your deadlines, contacts, job descriptions, etc. so that you do not miss out on opportunities due to poor organization. 

Online job postings

After the offer 

Congratulations, you have received an offer (or more!) for your internship or job search! Now what?