Greg Koory
June 1, 2015


Meet Greg Koory, MS Real Estate and Infrastructure Graduate

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Gregory Koory is an alumni of the Carey Business School’s MS in Real Estate and Infrastructure program. Before attending Carey, Greg graduated from the University of Michigan’s Law School with a J.D. and practiced law for 10 years. He graduated from the Carey Business School in 2015.  

You have a law background, what brought you to real estate?

I’ve always been very passionate about developments and real estate projects. Even as a kid, I loved constructing buildings in the sandbox. Shortly after graduating from law school I began working in

 bond finance, which had to do a lot with infrastructure projects, and later practiced in other real estate-related areas such as construction and environmental law. I saw the MSREI program as an extension of what I was already doing as opposed to a career shift.

Greg Koory

Greg Koory

In the program itself, what have you found to be the most interesting or helpful aspect to what you are trying to accomplish?

There are a few things. I think the courses taught by Professors Dan Kohlhepp and Lin Mao that addressed the financial aspects of real estate were really enlightening. Their courses helped me gain a better understanding of the underlying finance that relates to real estate projects. Professor Richard Parli’s Market Analysis course helped me understand why certain real estate projects are chosen over others, and why they are located in certain places. His course provided me with a better understanding of the real estate market drivers.

James McKellar’s Public Private Partnerships, PPPs, was another course that was very informative and interesting. It’s about how governments are revamping large-scale project models incorporating more private entities to develop, manage and even finance projects - as opposed to having the government performing all those roles. I can see how this course will be applicable in working in with a team focused on infrastructure development.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to use my MSREI program education to build upon my legal experience. I am still determining exactly what I will be doing post-graduation. Yet, I am contemplating working in a client-driven field like consulting. Specifically, in an infrastructure-real estate group that provides services regarding with large-scale infrastructure and PPP projects. Or, perhaps in a more specialized firm focusing on project finance. Alternatively, I could use this combined experience in a law firm or in a role with a developer.

What made you choose Hopkins? Was there something that attracted you to our program?

There are many things that attracted me to the Hopkins program. I want to work in the Mid-Atlantic, so I really like the location. Additionally, Johns Hopkins’ program has a really strong reputation. Before applying to the program, I spoke with some people in the real estate industry who suggested Hopkins’ program.

When I investigated the program, I also spoke with Johns Hopkins’ faculty and I was really impressed. I really liked that the program is well-rounded. It wasn’t just very heavily focused on a single discipline such as finance or design. Rather, the program has a very good balance including finance, market analysis, construction and general business communication courses. So that aspect of the program was really important to me.

And I read about some of the former students, and I was really impressed with the caliber of the students and their different professional backgrounds. In my class we have students with a variety of professional experience including accounting, government, finance, architecture and engineering.  The students all bring their experience into the classroom, and it heightens the classroom discussion.

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