Carey Students Compete in National Investment Banking Competition

A team of four finance students from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School has advanced to the final round of the 2015 National Investment Banking Competition. The National Investment Banking Competition challenges students to manage an investment banking transaction scenario through a live pitch to managing directors of leading North American investment banks.

Altogether six teams of four students participated from Carey. The initial competition phase featured more than 400 students internationally. The single finalist team from Johns Hopkins Carey team will face off against 40 other student teams in Vancouver, Canada, on January 14 and 15.

The National Investment Banking Competition and Conference is one of the most sophisticated events in North America focused on investment banking and the capital markets. NIBC provides attendees with an opportunity to learn about all aspects of the capital markets while connecting them to job opportunities and prominent professionals across the globe.

Participation in the 2015 National Investment Banking Competition helps students gain practical exposure to investment banking and distinguish themselves internationally. The competition offers students direct exposure to the work of investment bankers. Students compete with other top students from schools across the world for a $15,000 prize. Each team must analyze a 50-page case package with financial models and data sets prepared by professionals, which includes industry primers, templates, and guides on preparing financial models and pitch books to industry standards

Students participating in the competition are assigned cases by the organizers that will require the following:

  • Valuation using discounted cash flows, trading comparables, precedent transactions, and LBO methodology.
  • Identification and analysis of potential corporate finance transactions.
  • Gain experience working in a high pressure, time sensitive environment.
  • Effectively communicate your ideas to the caliber of a pitch in the investment banking industry.
  • Deliverables: presentation, memorandum, and financial model.

“I am very proud of our team in facing up successfully to the challenge and their achievements so far,” said Demir Yener, a senior lecturer and the director of Master of Science in Finance programs at the Carey Business School who served as the team’s academic adviser with Professor Su Han Chen.

"I am hoping our students will continue to be interested in participating in NIBC and other competitive activities in finance in the future. Certainly winning the finalist status was a major plus, but this competition gives our students access to invaluable experience and access to professional networking possibilities on a global scale,” said Yener.


January 6, 2015


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