The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Mid-Atlantic Alumni club’s vision is to celebrate, connect, and inspire Carey alumni in the Mid-Atlantic area and enhance their long-term advancements. 

Additionally, we strive to connect the university community locally and nationally in support of the Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School’s mission while creating sustainable lifelong connections to the university as a whole.

The vision is to foster diversity and community, strengthen ties to Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and to grow relationships with other alumni by:

  • Developing alumni programs that foster fellowship among alumni
  • Establishing lifelong relationships with fellow alumni
  • Providing with rewarding opportunities to serve the Carey Business School, its faculty, and its students.
  • Supporting the Carey Business School through outreach, events, engagement, and volunteerism.



  • Kelly Adams, MA/MBA 2015
  • Brandon Ball, MA/MBA, 2016
  • Donna Cichani, MA/MBA 2016
  • Jason Corning, MS IS, 2016
  • David Crouch, MBA 2005, MS IT 2007
  • Michael Digafe, GMBA 2014
  • Tara Gallant, MBA 2015
  • Barry Howard, MBA 2012
  • Kevin Jenkins, MS ODHR 2008
  • Edward Meekins, MBA 2015, Student Engagement Liaison
  • Dirk Mattheisen, MBA 2001
  • Nagi Mei, BS 2007, MS ITS & MBA 2010
  • Mervat Mina, MBA 2002
  • Dorian Perez, MBA 2014
  • Allison Reardon, MBA 2007
  • Tom Thomson, MBA 2013
  • Adam Vicks, MA/MBA 2012
  • King Yan Yip, Global MBA 2012

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