Harsha Aggarwal

Harsha Aggarwal, Carey ’07

Founder and Principal
TCK Capital Partners
Industry: Finance

Mr. Aggarwal is the founder and Principal of TCK Capital Partners bringing 8 years of global operations and 5 years of global investment management experiences, totaling 13 years, to the firm. Previously, he was an Investment Consultant in South East Asia focusing on global fixed income and equity security selection, portfolio monitoring and rebalancing activities.

Before that, he served as Director of Business Development and de-facto CFO of South Asian Television, a Bollywood PayTV firm in Australia and New Zealand. Prior to moving to Australia, he was an Investment Associate with an Investment Management Firm, which he joined after working in Baltimore, MD as Operations Manager for MDanywhere Technologies, a healthcare information technology firm.

As Operations Manager, he managed corporate finance and cash management activities, performed software solutions sales and marketing activities, and supported doctors and nurses with prescription writing software. Prior to that, he was a Project Manager for Medbiquitous Services, another healthcare information technology firm. At this firm, he conducted sales activities to medical device firms and enhanced marketing efforts using online advertising.