Education Philosophy

“Teaching Business with Humanity in Mind”

Carey seeks to educate a new generation of leaders who will solve today’s problems and tomorrow’s challenges. Our courses combine theoretical building blocks with practical knowledge, using a variety of teaching methods including case study, experiential learning, simulations, and civic service. Special emphasis is given to four business sectors vital to the future economy: financial enterprises, health care management, enterprise risk management, and real estate and infrastructure.

By bringing together faculty with a focus on both academic research as well as those with considerable professional experience, Carey seeks to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful leaders and lifelong learners.


A central and highly distinctive element of the Global MBA program, Innovation for Humanity Project is an international learning experience that provides students with first-hand knowledge in building sustainable businesses in developing markets.

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Discovery to Market

In the Discovery to Market course, students learn to assess the commercial potential of scientific discoveries and technological innovations, with the goal of producing future Chief Innovation Officers and informed CEOs who truly understand the complex interplay of science, technology and innovation to create revolutionary business models for companies around the world.

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