Advertising Your Student Position

Faculty will interview students and decide who to hire for the position.

Only full-time students taking at least 9 credits or more a semester are eligible to be hired as a student worker. This is a University policy and cannot be changed.
  • PhD students working as an RA will be compensated $25 per hour 
  • Masters students working as an RA will earn $19 per hour

Identifying a Student Worker

After you have decided on the student, please notify the HR office right away at so she can begin the employment process.

If you already have a student in mind and don’t need to advertise your position, please contact the HR office at to begin the employment process prior to the student starting.

For all new hires who have not worked for Carey before, the HR office must be notified at least 7 business days in advance of a student starting work in order for all the employment paperwork to be completed. If the student has already worked at Carey before, the HR office must be notified at least 4 business days in advance of a student working in order for all paperwork to be completed. Please contact HR at It is important for you to know that no paycheck will be issued without proper and timely completion of the Form I-9.

After HR has met with the student and paperwork is completed, Paige Pape will notify you when the student can begin working.


Notify Carey HR and Beth Lemkelde in payroll at & when student is done working for semester. If you would like student worker to continue, please notify HR and Payroll no later than December 20th for fall semester and May 20th for spring semester to keep them active. If we don't hear by those deadlines, payroll will remove the student worker from Harvest system and stop tracking hours.